Monday, January 7, 2013

Visualizing and Achieving

The future is now.  Here I am, in this glorious tomorrow land, the time and place where I wanted to put myself, no longer a slave to some vast Big Brother corporation, working towards achieving my goals, not without money and basic needs, happily married, about to start a job tutoring people on what I love to do, in graduate school...

This week, between me leaving, professionally and quietly, the company I have served for so many years, and starting my second semester of grad school and my new job, I am going to do what I have worked towards for so long.  I am going to finish my book, and I am going to enter it into the Amazon Breakthrough Writer's Contest.

This week, is devoted to my book, this week, I am a full-time, professional writer, working towards getting my writing out to a waiting public.  I will finish this book, putting on the final touches, and a roughly six year journey will finally be over.  I will have finally reached my goal of merely finishing it, which is an accomplishment within itself, without even thinking of getting published.

Hopefully this competition will bring me the recognition I desire, get me a publishing contract with a small advance, and I will be able to market my book like a madman.  I will put as much money into as I can afford (probably from the advance, if I get one), as much time as I can afford into it, as I continue on in grad school and tutoring and working on finishing all these short stories and really starting on my next novel, Born in 1984.

Okay, so here it goes.  I am halfway through editing this final working draft, and, hopefully, I can make significant progress today so I can make these changes on the file and print the final draft and proofread the shit out of it.  I want to make it as polished and professional as I am capable of making it.

Boy, how I am going to CELEBRATE when I am done!

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