Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I originally wrote this as the subheading for this blog.  I don't think I have published it in this form.  It changed and developed over time, and I have just been sitting on it.  Why sit on it, right?  I feel like I need to make a better effort to get my poetry out to the world, too.

Akron, Ohio

Winding along the first interstate
 built through a city, in my
 windshield is the urban sprawl 
and the suburban slump
with Goodyear emblazoned 
in gold and smoke stacks 
belching black into the
sherbet-swirled sky. 
The last holdouts from yesterday 
are hiding within these crumbling
ruins of the working class
 -- that are fading in my 
rear-view mirror.  I nod
and give thanks. Firestone
dances in red for just an instant
as I dart in the opposite direction,
towards my exit.

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