Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Progress Report (It's all good in the hood)

I am happy to report I have edited through the whole draft and now I am going back through and making the changes on the word file, of which I am 40 pages through already.  If I have another productive day tomorrow I should be proofreading by Thursday.  Looking like I will make the deadline, although it's only Tuesday, and a lot can happen between now and Monday, but, as of now, it's looking good.  No matter how confident I am about it, I am going to enter it into the contest.  I have a bad habit of second-guessing myself, and I am not going to let my second-guessing nature get the best of me with this manuscript.  Not anymore, anyways.  I have worked too long and too hard and set my expectations too high to allow myself to get discouraged at this point.  Yes, maybe I will not make it past the first round, but, this is only my first book, and, as far as I am concerned, it is still a learning experience that will only help me as I continue writing, and I definitely have an abundance of ideas floating around my head, including a very good, very relevant one that I fully intend to tackle once I am finished with this thing, this first novel of mine, Nodtown.

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