Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Poem

The Truth

Living well is not having a lot of money.
Maybe life is shorter and harder,
but that doesn't make it worse.  Maybe
the secret to happiness is finding it in
whatever there is
right in front of my eyes
and latching onto it like a happy addiction.

There is no cure for cancer, AIDS
is still a plague, poverty is all around.
People are starving all over the world,
dying in every sort of imaginable way and
even some unimaginable ways, so,
my life could be worse.
At least I have my health, for now.
The present is in my control,
so I am going to do my best
to put myself into a happy place.

Maybe I don't have any money,
maybe my debtors
are sending letters from lawyers
who are licking
their jowls, waiting to pounce,
as soon as I make
my final mistake.  I can't ignore them
forever, predators lurking in the weeds,
waiting for me.
But I'm not worried.  For as little as I do have,
I still have more than most.

Maybe I have been
reckless, and I can't blame others for my
mistakes, but if I keep moving forward,
and keep trying to right my wrongs,
maybe I will find a way to pay,
maybe when they pounce I'll
be ready, maybe there is nothing I can do,
and they will rip me apart.   Either way,
none of that is happening right now, so
I can still count myself as lucky.

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