Monday, July 4, 2011


Hello Friends,

As I have been busy with school over the past year, this blog has unfortunately fallen by the wayside. 

I have deleted a couple of older stories, as you might have noticed.  I am trying to control what of mine goes out to the world, and these stories are really no longer representative of my writing. 

Really, my writing has grown and changed since I started this blog, and none of these stories really accurately represent my writing anymore.

Also, I edited the story "The Hard Way".  I hope that by editing it, it will be better.  I didn't change it dramatically.  I just cut out the unnecessary content, made it a bit more tasteful, and focused in on what I thought was the important issue/main point of the story.  I might yet go back and really make it a better story.

In fact, I might go back and re-edit and re-write all of the stories on this blog.  They might seem fine, but I want to make them better.  I love using metaphors and imagery to tell my stories and to descibe things, and these stories I wrote before I discovered that about myself and my style.

I still feel like this blog is important, I am just not sure what stories I want to post, and what new stories I want to try to get published.  Maybe I'll also publish some poetry or something.

Take Care,