Thursday, January 17, 2013

Short Story Time!

Submitted my story, "Starving, America", to a market where I think it will be widely read and appreciated.  Hopefully I am correct in this line of thinking.  If not, I will not give up on it, if it gets rejected I will shop it around until I find someone willing to take it and put it out to his/her audience.

I am living under the delusion right now that I can justify working on my fiction and sending it out to the world in hopes that I can at least supplement my income while I am a student.  Hell, being published definitely looks good on a C.V., too.  I need to start focusing more on my academic work, but, when I can, I will definitely devote time to my writing.  And, of course, keeping this blog updated.

I really hope this market picks up my story.  Now onto the next story to finish.  "The Other Side of Cool" perhaps, or maybe, just maybe, "Greasy".  Decisions, decisions.

Perhaps I will decide upon one of my other stories; although, I think I should finish the most complete, best ones so far, and work my way down the list.  Perhaps I should take on both of those stories.  "The Other Side of Cool", I think, is nearly finished.  "Greasy" needs an ending.

Oh well, I am sure I will figure it out.  Time to get ready for my Melville class.  Cheers!

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