Saturday, January 26, 2013


Making very minimal changes to the language, with pencil, hard copy, as I wait on what my readers say.  I am going to have another round of readers after I am done this time around.  As many proofreadings as it takes, no matter what happens in the contest.  Hopefully I make it far enough in the contest to get a professional critique.  That would help.  Anything further than that, and I will be surprised and excited.  I am more looking forward to hearing back from the readers I have personally selected to be among the first to read a final(ish) version of my first novel, Out in the Garage.  I mostly hope what I need to change are clarity, language issues, and not issues that will cause me to have to do any writing.  Or substantial writing, and, by substantial, I mean anything more than a sentence here or there.  Language-wise it does have to be as near to perfect as I can get it, so, that is my focus.  Making every word count, making the style exactly how I intend it to be read.  Anyways, my main focus is my school work.  I am actually doing good for this weekend already.  I should be able to get a lot done tomorrow and Monday.  Maybe by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday I will be able to start on next week's, write my letter of application, edit my essay down to ten pages...  Have two recommendations already, and a job where I will be getting some much-needed teaching experience.  It's one-on-one, which is great.  Given that I will be working on presenting, being in front of a classroom in my classes.  I just have to get used to it, practice not looking like a jittering, raving jackass.

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