Monday, January 21, 2013


...I found myself reading my book.  In my free time.  That time when I can justify taking a break from school work because I have just spent all day so far doing school work, and will continue doing school work in a little while.  This is just so my head doesn't explode.  I am reading Chaucer and Shakespeare.  Awesome, right?  I think so.  And Melville.  Killer semester.

I am watching the most boring parade on TV right now.  Are we really democratic anymore than the king is still the king?

That's right.  Our democracy is a farce.  Melville knew that back in the 19th century.  The forefathers were aware of the level of the joke they played on the world.  Or attempted to play.  The world just watched.  They kinda just let us do it, and at some point it came to be too late.

I am not saying this a good thing.  No, it really makes me sad.  I was young and optimistic just like everything else at one time or another.

I am reading my book and in a lot of ways it does meet my expectations, but I am a little disappointed in the number of typos and grammatical errors I am finding.  I am keeping a close record of all of the flaws I find.

I do think i will eventually have to work on it again, but I am going to wait until I hear back from some of my readers.  I think there are still a few more I am going to recruit but probably people from other states.  I am keeping the number very minimal, just to people who I feel are actually paying attention.

Anyways, I am glad the national debate, according to CBS's narrative, is on national unity.  Fucking finally.  Shit, why hasn't this happened before now?  I think most of the other problems in this country are a result of our divisiveness, not the issues themselves, but the fact that we can't just agree to disagree of a variety of things and move on for now and start liking one another once again.  True, we are imperfect.  Let's just fucking move on.  Seriously.

Maybe the narrative is skewed and hard to follow.  Maybe there are ups and downs.  Wait, what the hell am I talking about?  I went off script a long time ago and forgot what I was even ranting about.

Was I ranting?  Was that my tone?  I can't remember.  My mind is a blank slate.  It it interesting how easily one gets mislead when they are distracted by the show.

--"These people are really happy to be here, they are really enjoying themselves."
Bob Schieffer, CBS 2013, "Presidential Inauguration Parade Coverage."

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