Friday, October 19, 2012

This is NOT a test of the Emergency Broadcasting System

Nor is it an emergency.  Not would it be relevant to post anything on here in an emergency.  Although, if it was severe enough, I might, just to be a good citizen and all.

I sit here, watching Louie, ready to delve into days of hours of reading just so I can do my midterm.  This is what happens when you get behind, though.  It's not all my fault.  In fact, there for a while, I was working like 43 hours and going to grad school full time.  I gave an honest effort towards completing my homework, and I got the assignments done, but the reading...which is truly the most important part...I slacked off on it.

It's easy enough to do, but, in the end, if I want to get the As, I have to understand the material fully by finish all the readings so I can do my final projects/papers and survive the semester.  Luckily I am only working 30 hours a week (which is really still too many) so I have significantly (not really significantly, but more a more adequate amount) more time to work on it.

I will get it done.  I always do no matter what.  I enjoy it.  If it wasn't a challenge in some way than I would probably start to get a little bored with it.

Actually probably not.  In fact, if I could focus on it exclusively, even given any responsibilities I might have as a TA (which would be a good learning experience), I would be happy and productive.

I am happy now.  Stressed, but happy.  Even given the fact that I have to work, which really isn't that bad, or as bad as it could be, I still really enjoy all aspects of my life.  Life is good.  I am not bragging.  I just feel like I have to balance all the negatively in my writing (as it is that sort of relief for me, so, I can justify it in some way, anyway -- as it is the best therapy I have ever had).

It's interesting that in spite of the time that I don't have to get my work done, I still continue to work on this and the book and all that, spend time with my wife, have some kind of social life, and I still will get my work done.  And I will get As.  I will get the TA position.  I will continue to grow my audience, to work towards be a better writer, trying to get published, and maybe eventually get paid, even a few bucks extra.

All in all life is grand affair.  No matter what happens.  The good, the bad, everything in between, it can all be taken in stride, in the end, as long as I can still keep going, I will.  That's what really counts.  Not giving up.  That's what gets people in trouble.  That's what creates misery.  That's what makes life not worth living.  That's why it's critical to never give up.

I'll have plenty of time to rot after I'm dead.

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