Thursday, October 18, 2012

random musings on penises and what-not

I like how, the older I get, the more surreal and perverse life becomes.  For instance, when you're younger, sexuality is such a big deal, but, when you get older, it just exists, everyone expects it from you, and, when you are married, it's not weird for people to ask you when you are going to have a baby, except that it's extremely weird and you never get used to it.

Maybe some people do, but I don't.

 Can I just say that Emerson Lake and Palmer's Brain Salad Surgery is a weird fucking album, but I can't think of anything better to listen to when I am even the slightest bit inebriated.  I know this seems random, but I am listening to the LP right now as I write this, so it's not really random at all. If anything, it inspired this whole blog, since I was reading about the artist who did the cover, HR Giger, and I never noticed before the glowing penis, which was apparently more prominent in the original version, but the record company made them tone it down.

It is interesting that something that is literally a central part of 50% of the world's population's lives is the cause of such shame and humiliation that when it is pictured it is worse than a picture of someone getting immolated or beheaded or whatever.  Violence is actually more acceptable to depict that a natural part of the male anatomy.  Whatever.  It's not like the vagina has any better of a reputation.  In fact, it probably has a worse reputation.  Except in porn or anatomy books, you never see it out in public, even in the movies, and I am sorry, those fake bushes that actresses wear don't count.  No, the vagina is so horribly offense, it is worse than Janet Jackson's nipple, even.   Imagine if she had flashed her stuff how much bigger the outcry would have been.  She would have been beheaded, or some network executive would have "beheaded" himself in her.

I am not sure the dipiction of Dirk Diggler's penis at the end of Boogie Nights really counts either.  I am sorry, Mark Wahlberg, but that couldn't have been real.  And if it was, well, then, God bless you.

Can you imagine how much less violence there would be in the world if people were really that cool about sex, sexuality, and, even, for that matter, artistic depictions of nudity or sexuality.  I think it would make a real difference in the world if we shed our inhibitions like clothes and straddling reality once and for all.

When it comes to sexuality we are all hypocrites   We are all guilty of it, or most of us, anyway, and we'll prod young married couples to produces babies even though that is really the last thing our society needs right now, but, it still makes us feel ashamed on some level, even if it is the kind of shame that makes us feel oh so good.

And I haven't even bridged the topic of homosexuality, either.  Wouldn't it be nice to just let two consenting adults live their lives however they want because they aren't hurting anyone else.  It's quite frankly no one's business to impede people from who they choose to be in a "more than friends" relationship with, no matter what our social or religious might be.  Last time I checked this wasn't Iran.  Just turn the other cheek.  They probably aren't getting married in your church, and the government can't force a private institution to allow such an act to happen, so your personal sanctity is not in question.  And if marriage really was that sacred, or held to be that sacred, then why do celebrities who we as a society publicly worship make such a sham of it in every conceivable way.

Life has become a soap opera.  We live in a Days of Our Lives sort of universe, because reality really isn't that different than how we depict it, after all.  It's not escaping, it's indulging in the truth. The real housewives are nothing more or less than our inner vixen bitches.  And Honey Boo Boo, well, that is the soul of  the turd we are bringing to life at this very moment as our metabolisms continue working and churning, sapping the energy out and wasting all the rest.  That's all a part of life too, I suppose, which generally explains the mysticism behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Isn't in interesting that in some dialects of the English languages that it is pronounced more Turdles than Turtles -- in fact, probably pretty much everywhere outside of England proper.

And that seems like an excellent place to pull out (that's what she said).

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