Saturday, October 20, 2012

I was just jamming on my guitar, through my amp, through my headphones, and I just randomly figured out how to play "Waiting for the Bus" by ZZ Top.  I must be tuning in on the mothership's frequency.  You see, me, and ZZ Top are actually aliens who have been sent to this planet solely for the purpose of rocking you.  I have just failed you utterly and miserably.  I still manage to rock myself pretty well, though.  I sold out and became the yuppie alien, I guess -- always serving my own materialistic needs.

In other pertinent information, I am also drinking some tea.  It is a sleepy time tea, I think.  Either that or Chamomile.  My wife thew away the boxes and wrote the names in pencil on the secondary plastic packaging, but I didn't bother to look at it closely enough to figure out which one it was.  Definitely getting more of a sleepytime vibe, although I am making it extra stronger (since I now have a strainer and a tea pot and cup of my own).  I like to pretend I am classy, although I know the truth.

I should get back to jamming on my guitar, though, before I end up buying that ZZ Top album (Tres Hombres) on Amazon (too late).

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