Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nuclear Annihilation and Bunnies and Kittens and Rainbows

I have decided that I am for the most part going to keep doing this type of writing in this blog.  It is the best way for me to get practice writing without putting much thought into it outside of the moment of inspiration. I tend to use it as a study break, between syntax and literacy and general linguistics, which I am starting to enjoy.  I am definitely going to study everything from a more linguistic-based, composition perspective.    I am going to try to go to conferences and get a TA position.  I am/think I technically have joined since I already meet the requirements
A). to be a grad student in the English Department
B). came to a meeting and will continue to go to meetings and participate.

Those are the types of organizations I can commit to.  And yes, I just ended a sentence with a preposition.  Deal with it, grammar boy!  Fuzzuuuuh!  That was an anti-huzzah.  It was a fuck you huzzah.  A fuzzah!  Fuzzah yuzzah!   WAAAAAAAK!

Okay, that was ridiculous.  That is usually a good signal to me that I need to stop.  I try to come back around to the Dr. Jekyll side of my personality.  The calm and collective narrative part.  The part before the psychedelic freak out part, you know.  It is as important or more important.  The most important?   It is the lens in which I few all other parts of myself and the rest of the mortal universe.  Am I inhabited by an immortal spirit?  A lot of people would indicate yes, but my humanly scope of reasoning isn't capable of understanding it.  That is probably true; although, my heart wants to completely discount it.  That, again, is pride.  I think I said that in the last one, but I am continuing it as a theme from here out.

Right now I am not studying.  I will probably read a chapter on syntax and maybe then another chapter on syntax for another class.  That's right, I am in two linguistics classes that are only marginally different but the credits count for different parts of my schooling: I am going for my masters in English-Composition with a Teaching  English as a Second Language certificate and and literature certficate so I can maybe be an instructor and gains some experience teaching before I graduate and start pursuing a PhD -- hopefully as a teaching assistant, which I am politicking for right now.  Already have one instructor who will write a recommendation.  I am vying for two others.  I just have to impress them somehow -- I am hoping through my writing, which is key.  I am becoming quite the kick-ass essayist too.  I am just not as public about that half of my life.  I more mumble semi-coherentlhy about my fiction most of the time, but the essaying part is what's really getting me through grad school and hopefully getting me into a doctoral program at either Case-Western, Kent, or, if I can convince myself to move -- Purdue, Pittsburgh, or maybe, Ohio State.  I will probably apply at all of them just for shits and giggles.  First I have to get a TA position and go to conferences, present at conferences, start teaching.

I am really exciting about teaching freshman composition classes, so hopefully I get to do that or at least work in a writing center.  It would be good for me as well.  I am a fairly capable stylistician, or will be one by the end of it.  I am just now discovering, or consciously realizing this, and am developing it, based upon my writing history, starting as a journalist, and then an essayist (if an undergraduate one), then writing songs, and poems, short stories, a novel -- and back to essays again, with even more of a focus.  I love studying propaganda.  I will study the linguistics, the stylistics of it. It will be fun.

Ughhh...  Time to get down off the stage and stop shouting about myself now.  Sorry.  That was very self-laudatory.  It's a bad habit, like smoking or obsessing about a zombie apocalypse.  I would rather just be ready for any sort of apocalypse in general.  I would say a zombie apocalypse has a 5% chance, which is a better chance that being prodded to death by interstellar alien rapists, which has a 3.29% chance of happening.  Whatever.  My money is still on nuclear annihilation.

That's why I am doing what I want to do.  It is too late to be bored.

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