Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ramblin' Man

This is going to be one of those days where I do like three or four blogs, I can already tell.  My class is going to be on Skype because we are just reviewing homework.  I love technology makes it still possible for me to be responsible and attend class but yet stay in my pajamas all day and do whatever I want.  I mean, I could get loaded.  There is like 3.5 bottles of wine downstairs.

I can picture how much more entertaining class will be for everyone else.  or annoying.  The material is so easy, but only a few people get it.  It's linguistics, so, to a certain degree, you either get it or you don't.  It's definitely not interesting to everyone, although, it should be.  Language carries so much power, it's impossible to deny.  When chosen properly, words, written or spoken, can change lives.  I know words changed my life.

And music.  I have listening to the Velvet Underground and Pete Yorn this morning.  And next it will be the Violent Femmes and the Vandals.  I am slowly burning all my CDs to my computer and saving them to my backup hard drive.  I mean, I have a terabyte on each, so I might as well do it.  My entire collection will barely make a dent in that amount.  More than some people's would, because I have a shitload of CDs, but, probably not as much as some people either, because, I am fairly particular in my tastes.  You might say I have a refined taste, but, that is a form of exceptionalism, because who I am to say that my taste is better than anybody else's?  I might think it's better, but that doesn't make it better.  Sometimes its just important to accept one's insignificance.  Life is a facade.  I am glad.  Too often people take life too seriously, and they don't sit back and relax and just take it all in and experience it all.  Sometimes the best thing to do is just exist.  The rest is sometimes just too complicated, you know?

I know I just violated some people's idea of taste (in writing) by being too obvious and speaking directly to my audience in the third person, but I don't really give a damn about other people's subjective point of view, either.  Just because we're different doesn't mean one of us are wrong.  The idea behind being an artist is not appealing to everyone, because, aside from the Beatles, who can appeal to everyone?  I can even think of people who don't like the Beatles.  I know that is a hard pill to swallow for some die-hards, but, it's true.  There are actually people out there who don't like the Beatles.  You don't have to understand it or like it, but that doesn't make it any less true.  Sometimes people, you just have to think outside of yourselves, think of what it could be like from other people's perspectives, and not be such an asshole to everyone.  We are all guilty of it, some people more than others.  We all just need to take the time to appreciate life, because, without it, we can't even imagine.  Maybe some people try to imagine what it's like without it, but it is unfathomable.  We are incapable of thinking like that, because, there is no coming back.

Some other people think they have the answer to what lies beyond.  I hope they are right.  That would be great.  I truly believe it would.

I'm sorry, this is definitely a Velvet Underground-influenced train of thought.  The last two paragraphs were strongly influenced by what was playing, "Heroin".

My subconscious writing voice that usually gets used, more and more now for everything, but especially these blog posts is still strongly influenced by AP style.  I don't used all of their abbreviations for things, but when I do use abbreviates I do.  Same thing with numbers and punctuation, except for the Oxford comma, which I normally use.  Of course I also use passive constructions and am guilty of nominalizing, but that is because I normally write academic stuff now. My basic goal as a writer is to use whatever style is necessary in order to relay the information in the best way possible.

Of course I am guilty of rambling, like I am now, so sometimes it is difficult to stay on topic.  While some people might get annoyed by that, I feel like it is one of the grand hallmarks of my writing.  At least on this blog.  I know that is totally bullshit, but it is nice to think of it in those terms.  That way, at least to me, it is an endearing quality instead of an annoying one.  Of course that doesn't make it any easier for people who are averse to writing of this nature.  I assume those people will either not read it at all or will skim through it to be nice.  Either way, they aren't my audience.  I figure my audience will enjoy and appreciate the same stupid or similar stupid things that I enjoy.

I think the inherent benefit of writing in this manner is that it is in general just good practice.  I feel like the more I write, the more I read, the better I get with my words.  Then there is also the fact that this type of writing takes absolutely no for thought.  I never or rarely sit down with a topic in my mind, and if I do, it usually takes a while, sometimes days or weeks, to get it all out.  Then, once I do, I publish it.  I am working on a few of these longer blog posts things now.  They will be probably be between 10-20,000 words and I might post them as PDFs or sell them for like 99 cents on Amazon or something.

The series will be called "Rambling With Gabe" and with each one I will tackle one very, very general topic and anything that comes to mind while I am rambling on that topic -- you know, like this only longer.  I will probably not finish where I start.  I think if I get much longer than people start to get tired of reading it on the internet and it might be more effective to put out in another format.

Either way, I will leave you with a little Allman Brothers:
Ramblin' Man

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