Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Added the most recent stories ("The Backwoods Event"", Survival", and "Any Other Monday Night", already published in the main section of this blog) to the Fiction Page.

For some reason this influences me to think about the stories from my portfolio, part of which I can finish in quick order, if I can just push myself to do them.  If I can edit through them, each one shouldn't take more than a few hours, then I can see about publishing them.  I can at least find some appropriate journals and submit them.

It's settled.

I am going to force myself to take some sort of action.

In fact, since I am off of work and school today, and Sarah is going to be gone all day so I can do homework later, I can work on editing my first really good short story, "Drowning", which was the first story in my portfolio, and send it to The Rubbertop Review, Akron's literary journal.  If I am persistent I can get it done before I have to shower and go to my thesis workshop.  I am excited about that, actually.  I am definitely excited about writing a thesis in general, and I think this will help give me some ideas, or at least hone the ideas that I already have.

It's like going to class when I am stuck on my paper like I was last night and just listening the whole class and then talking to the professor afterwards.  I came up with some great ideas last night.  I think I am finally on the right track with it, but I will see.

It's 1:41 p.m.  I am already on page 9 of 15 of the story, so I think I can definitely get it done by 3.  I might even have it sent out by then.

Well, it's 2:46 p.m. and I finished editing the story.  It went really quick once I pushed myself to do it.  No more stagnation.  Time to get everything done.  My school work.  My fiction, stories and books.  Everything.  Everything published in some form or another, somehow.  It's time for action, my friends.  No more sitting and biting my finger nails, I'm just going to do it.

It's time.

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