Sunday, November 25, 2012

Betty White and Don Rickles naked.  Now.

A half-full keg of wasted beer in the basement.  Bummer.  Oh well.  It was a good party.  You only turn 30 once, right?

Old lady poop.

We are slightly horrified by it because we are all eventually going to succumb to a life of waiting around to die in a puddle of our own diarrhea.  I am halfway there.  Just kidding.

Certainly quarter of the way there, if I last that long.  I am not going to hope for it.  Whatever happens, happens at this point.  I've made the choices I've made up to this point and it has gotten me this far which really isn't half bad.

Really it isn't bad at all.  I just like to downplay it because I am bad about boasting.

Hot in Cleveland is not nearly as much like Cleveland as Drew Carey.  Just saying  I fucking love Drew Carey.

While most people out of the Midwest now think of him mostly as The Price of Right guy, which is fucking cool and anyone would do that job, but few can and not turn into a total jerk.  I haven't decided yet.  He is better than Wayne Knight anyway.

I can't think of Wayne Knight without thinking of Newman, which is a great character, and I am glad he gets to play a similar character because it is what he is really good at.  I am really in awe of that.

I am sorry, that was certainly very shameless.

That's what these sorts of Sitcoms make me think of.  Oh well, I suppose that's what they are meant to do.  To help build a lasting legacy.

I would rather do it through words that my image.  I am nobody but my words.  Truly.  I am okay with that.  I can appreciate a certain level of unforgiving anonymity.

It's okay, most people are completely anonymous.  It is the most common way.  There are far more of us than there are of Wayne Knight and Drew Carey.

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