Friday, January 10, 2014

Words Inspired by the Sound of Silver

The past few days I have really been listening to LCD Soundsystem a lot.  This came about after I watched the documentary, Shut Up and Play the Hits on Netflix.  Now I am listening to the album my interest has come to gravitate around, .

This album strikes me in a number of ways.  It is catchy, well-written dance pop with a soul.  The repetition of dance music really intrigues me---as some who uses a lot of repetition in his own music.  I wouldn't say that I listen to a lot of this type of music, or electronic music, in general, but there are a few that I am very familiar with, such as The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, some Daft Punk...  I also really like New Order and DEVO.  Anyway, it the repetitiveness really puts me in a trance when I am writing and I get a lot of writing accomplished this way.

My music is more guitar driven, the more I focus on really learning the instrument and being able to play it halfway decently.  Whatever else happens in my life, I hope that I can always make music and write fiction.  As long as I can sell my product on the Internet, if I choose, when the time is right, in the manner of my choosing, I will continue to do it.  Perhaps I will make a living doing it, or, more likely, I will end up working some kind of job and continuing to do these things as a hobby.  Either way, I will be happy, because the joy that I get out of producing them is worth it.  While I may not be able to call myself a professional writer, I can always call myself an artist---since an artist continues to produce the art, no matter what.  Many of the greatest artists of all the different media are driven to do the art regardless of whether they are able to do it as a means to the end of making a living or not.  While greatest is not something I can decide myself (since it doesn't really matter as much what I think as a writer compared to what the reader thinks.  Rightfully, therefore, I will let the readers, or the lack of readers (or listeners, or lack of listeners) decide how to label me.

That's why the satisfaction of it must come from the doing of it, in the same way that life is a journey and not a destination, or however the cliché goes.  That way I have control over my happiness, or at least as much control as anyone can have over something intangible.

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