Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chinese Democracy

Nine Years ago I set out to write a 200 page book. Of course, I had no idea about page counts or anything. I was totally clueless. It has take a lot of editing and rewriting and formatting and designing---and research! So much research! But I am finally within hours of putting out my first novel. It turned out to be 56,996 words, which is 201 pages (including the title pages and all that).

Well, like anybody else, I originally aspired to go the traditional route and try to get published by a big name and move to New York and make lots of money---but that was before I knew anything about self-publishing or had given a thought as to the possibilities of having complete creative control. 

Hopefully all of the time and work that I have put into it over the years will pay off and people will read it and like it. While it will certainly take some more work---work of a different nature, but work, just the same---to get it out there , I am moving forward, taking the next step. For that, I can be proud. We'll see what happens. I am also finally finishing college (with my master's degree). Everything is happening all at once. 

While I know I probably sounded like Axl Rose about Chinese Democracy---that album is out. That is not to say anything about the quality of said album, but he promised it and it happened. I personally feel my book turned out better than I had thought possible, and I have really learned a lot along the way---and I have so many more ideas to try out and see what happens...

First things first, time to focus on school---for just a little bit longer.  In a short while, I will be graduated and looking for a job.  But for now, for right now, I am a novelist---that is not to say a "professional" novelist, but a novelist just the same.

*Pops cork on champagne*

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