Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Distraction of Distractions: My New Set-Up

So I am not writing on top of writing (i.e. I am not writing fiction when I am supposed to be writing my thesis and burning myself out on writing), and because I do need a distraction that is distracting but not drawing from the same resource as what I am distracting myself from, this is the distraction that I am choosing while I make it through this semester and rocking out my thesis, which is my main focus now, more than ever.  I found two un-opened blank Type II cassettes so I am pulling out the old Tascam 4-track and going analog for this one.  It has enough space for about 55 minutes of recording, so I am excited.  It limits what I am doing in a way that forces me to be more creative with each part.  The results end up sounding minimalistic in a good way, and my performances turn out better (and I become a better musician) because each time has to be perfect.  It also forces me to do more pre-planning, due to the limitations.  I have already developed a cool rhythm pattern with my drum machine, and there are a lot of possibilities to explore with it.  I also have working keyboard and guitar parts.  I think my goal is to record something unique, interesting, and fun.  Ah, the possibilities...

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