Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Poem I Just Wrote and Felt Obligated to Share


In their minds,
they are all kings
and queens, holding
their heads up high,
the internet
the front for
their bravery.
electronic sabers,
using words as
private armies
to dispatch with
their enemies—
people whose views
are inconsistent
with their own—
they don’t hold back,
they slash, slash, slash,
spewing hate and bigotry,
posting comments
on articles, in forums—
anywhere they can
ejaculate their ideologies
and impregnate others
with their disease.

But these mongrels
are cowards
hiding behind ones
and zeros, unable
to articulate intelligence,
to agree to disagree,
barking just to hear
make a sound.
They are incapable
of an interchange.

Freedom of speech
isn’t intended for
ignorance is an
side effect.

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