Saturday, June 1, 2013


More to give away!  Email me (gabegott@gmail) right now to get a PDF of my upcoming novel, Out in the Garage, for your e-reader / tablet / computer!

This is what you'll be getting:

"Lance Adamson was born in the 80's.   His best friend is Wayne; they go all the way back to kindergarten.  Now they are in high school and have started the greatest band ever, The Knights of the Round Table, with their two best friends, Art and Louie Louie.  Maybe the rest of the school might for once actually notice them -- without the crosshairs. They certainly practice out in the garage enough.

It was Grandpa Harry who took Lance out to the garage for the first time and taught him how to play drums: how to really play, how to make it count -- how to let the music carry him away.  His mom and dad were also at one time rock n' rollers, but they stopped going out to the garage and now they're divorced.  Lance hopes that never happens to him.

One summer he goes away from the garage and stays with his Aunt and Uncle on their dairy farm, which is practically in the middle of nowhere.  There he meets Edie ...  And, well...  They are just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  However, they still must survive the Evangelicals who run the town.  That will, well... Take some faith.

With the good and the bad and the whole tangled mess all swirling about, Lance trudges forward, discovering that -- no matter what happens -- he can always go back out to the garage."

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