Thursday, June 27, 2013


I have a confession... *cough cough*

Okay, here it goes.

A while ago -- now -- I realized that at some point over the last three years or so that my manuscript had become...  I'm not sure.  So, realizing this, I went back to the last edition that made sense, and started focusing more on the language that on changing story or plot, and, while it is definitely not what I would consider a literary masterpiece, it is much more genuine, much more, well, mine.

Not that I don't appreciate all the people over the years who have read it and give me advice, but at some point I started worrying about pleasing others too much and not myself.  Well, I realized that it's my fucking manuscript and I have a right to be selfish about it, goddammit.

I am very proud of the way the now not so secret manuscript is turning out, I am still tweaking it, but it is roughly at the same point as my other manuscript.

It wasn't until last night until I finally kicked myself in the pants and pulled my head out of my ass and finally, once and for all, decided to go with this version, which is heavily based on the 2010 edition, with some vast improvements in the writing and very little change in the story itself.

My gut instinct tells me that I am making the right choice, because ultimately I am doing this for myself, and I am the one who has to live with what I put out, and I would rather be the guy who writes the absurd satire than the guy who writes the pretentious wannabe garbage.  If I am self-publishing either way, then I would rather publish the version that is most what I originally intended, the version that inspired me to change to English and start down this road to being a professor.

Anyways, without further adieu, here is the description that will appear on the back of the book and Amazon and all that (although I might tweak it slightly between now and October):

"Born in the 80's, a Bastard Son but not a bastard.  He's reckless and self-absorbed... Oh, and, did I mention, in a band, too?  THE MILLENNIAL squeezes the heart until it's black and blue and ready to burst.  It makes the reader want to fart, laugh, and orgasm, simultaneous.  There's sex, drugs, and rock n' roll, and quite a healthy dose of death, too.  It's every masturbating, gothic-wannabe asshole's wet dream.  Did I mention sex enough times?  SEX SEX SEX!!!" 

"Dripping with semen," says Egbert Tripplefuss of The Jerk-Offer.  

"Really did make me fart, laugh, and orgasm at the same time," proclaims Thom Schlitzman of The Pussies and Assholes Literary Review.

"No one should read this, unless you're cool, then you can do whatever," raves Todd Nelson of Nipped Blog.  "Seriously though, reading THE MILLENNIAL  is the best walk over hot coals I have had for a while."

Wayne Crosby of the Nodtown Gazette reports: "Never thought I would read something that would make me want to masturbate publicly, but Gabe Gott has gone and done it again!"

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