Saturday, June 1, 2013


I think I want to focus this website more.  Or join something. I know I have been considering these things for a while.

I would like to write more about music -- not merely my own projects but also those of my friends (who wish it) and articles about classic albums or the occasional, currently-good album.

Maybe treat my blog more like a magazine.  I might consider getting some contributing writers, or start a website with a group of writers who will all contribute equally.  A way we can all write and publish and promote ourselves and each other.   Maybe I should go more broad, though.  I don't know.  I am rambling.

Maybe a good way of putting it would be an online artist collective.  Not pretentious --artists of any type, of any style -- and not anti-commercial, but anti-over-commercialization.  Artists of any stage of their career.  We could provide each other constructive criticism as well, but the end-goal will be to increase the audience for ourselves as a whole and as individuals, with both free products and for-sale products, with no difference in the quality of either, just each meeting a specific audience demand.

Sure we could continue to go it alone and maybe get lucky after years and years of trial and error but not really getting anywhere and settling for careers that keep us content, or we can reasonable work as a group to help each other pursue our dreams.  Sure, we will probably have to work day-jobs for a while, but if we put our heads and different skill-sets together, it can only be beneficial.

It's true I could join such a community that is already in existence, but I like the idea of putting one together myself that is as all-inclusive as possible.

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