Monday, June 17, 2013


Right now, my focus is on making the language and the descriptions pop in Out in the Garage.  The next step will be to go through it very carefully and solely focus on typos.  My problem right now is that I am having an increasingly hard time focusing.  I guess I just need to blow off the steam and get it out of my system, though, so I can really buckle down and get accomplished what I need to get accomplished.

I do want to order a proof soon, which is the beginning of the second step.  That way I can also double-check all of my formatting.  I have also been hard at work in making the book's description and my bio sound more professional -- well, better written, anyways.

My goal is to make sure it is as entertaining-yet-thought-provoking as possible.  The story I am happy with, and I am not doing any major rewriting -- no craft stuff.  I do want to make sure every word, punctuation mark, and blank space, not function properly but also look how each one will look best.   It's important for me to take pride in my work and make sure it is of the highest quality possible, which means there won't be an exact, final version until it is actually published and I can't take it back.  I am not looking forward to the online formatting, which is another reason why I am going to focus on the print format and make sure everything is right before I even worry about anything else.

I do want to be done with it long before October 18 (and am confident I will be, since I am on a very challenging time frame right now with school, and what-not).

I do think that because it has take so long for me to put it out, I do have to take extra care to make sure I am satisfied with it, which is no easy task.  I do feel like setting a concrete deadline makes me focus on it and do it right, since I no longer am able to procrastinate.

It's go-time, right now, at this very moment.

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