Sunday, March 3, 2013


For several years I have played music, played in bands, done some home recording -- although it has been a while since I have done so.  The last album I recorded I never really release to a wide audience, and the songs are no longer online.  I am happy to announce that I have once again put this album online, albeit in slightly different form.  For one thing, to reflect the changes, I have chosen some new artwork and a new name.  Now the album is called Neverending Static, and you can stream the complete album  and individual tracks for free or you can purchase the album for only $2 or individual tracks for 50 cents each (which, with 6 total tracks, that is a savings of $1).  Also, part of the changes, in order to differentiate between my music and my writing and my personal life, for music, I am going by the moniker, Survival Pilot, which came from an online band-name generation (I can't remember exactly which one).

So, if you wish, check out "the MUSIC page" (at the top) or check out:

Survival Pilot Band Camp Site

Survival Pilot Facebook Page *

(*note: there is no music on this page, only information)

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