Thursday, March 28, 2013

Endless Vacation (In My Mind)

Really coming up with some great ideas right now.  Can't wait to put the best ones in action.  Feeling really inspired.  Really expanding my world right now in a big way.  The characters and the story are coming alive in a way they never have.  Very excited.

Very happy with how Tales from the Fringes is turning out.  There is still three stories that I wish I could include here, but they are all unavailable, which is in itself a good thing.  One is going to be published, the others are hopefully under consideration.

Very excited for everyone to read the final product of Tales, which is hopefully, probably, most likely only a few weeks away!  Just got the word back that they have accepted my changes and I can now order another proof.  This will be polishing.  Making it all shiny and new and perfect (enough).

Starting to get back into my schoolwork again, too.  This vacation can't last forever.  :-(

This music video has to do with my novel, and I won't explain it anymore than that.

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