Friday, March 8, 2013

Another Friday Post

Well, it's Friday, it's been a while since I've posted anything substantive (if you consider anything I post substantive -- it's a relative term, so, whatever), I don't have any students (right now), and I am procrastinating before I have to read King Lear, and some essays on King Lear, so I can give a presentation on Wednesday.

 I also have to write two papers, and do a ten-minute presentation on one of them in my class next Thursday.  One of the papers is a personal narrative on the scene from Measure for Measure that that my group and I performed, and the other is an 8-page conference paper for my Melville seminar.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone why I have not been posting so much lately and will likely not be posting much for the rest of the semester.  That being said, it is still my goal to write posts when I can, and hopefully at least once a week.

Planning on doing as much working, writing, and recording this summer as I can this summer.  Recording-wise I have a lot of ideas, albums written that I could record, and a strong inclination to scrap those and just record something totally new, which is what I did last time I recorded an album (the results of which can be found at

 I will say that, as I have put time and effort into being a better musician, my next album will be much different that my last album.  I am still inclined to keep my music as simple as possible, and it will be more guitar-based, and the recording quality will be better because I have much better equipment to use.  I still want it to be somewhat of a progression from Neverending Static.

Writing-wise, my goal is to get as far as I can in my second book while tying up any loose ends with my current book and the marketing materials (e.g. query letter, synopsis), and maybe write some new short stories.

I am almost finished with one of the last three stories I have to edit (at least finished to the point where I feel confident sending it to some journals, and two more I should be able to finish with a couple of good read-throughs (each).

I am also considering, in order to test the waters, and I have already compiled it and touched up the stories a bit, putting together a short story collection of stories I have published in some form on this blog.  It is twelve stories and is about 30,000 words.  I am thinking of trying out Kindle Direct Publishing or Create Space to see how it works, and if I can generate any kind of audience on my own.

Anyways, I have had this song on my head for the past 20 minutes or so and thought I should share it:

Happy Friday!

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