Friday, May 24, 2013

The Novel that I have been Working on for like... Six, Seven Years?... Out in the Garage

206 Pages

Paperback: $9.99 / e-book: TBA

ISBN-13: 978-1484983362


BISAC: Fiction / Coming of Age


Lance Adamson was born in the 80's.   His earliest memory is of that time when his mom left his dad.  It's okay, though.  Grandpa Harry saved him, took him out to the garage for the first time, taught him how to play drums.  I mean, really play.  How to make it count.  How to let the music carry him away.  Even his mom and dad had been rock n' rollers at one time, but they lost touch with the magic, stopped going out to the garage.

His best friend is Wayne; they go all the way to kindergarten.  Now they are in high school and have started the greatest band ever, The Knights of the Round Table, with their two best friends, Art and Louie Louie.  Maybe the rest of the school might actually notice them for once -- for a reason other than bullying them or suspecting them of being school shooters.

One summer Lance goes to stay with his Aunt and Uncle on their dairy farm near the small, Southern Ohio town called Babel.  There he meets the love of his life, Edie.  Together they must survive the oppressive Evangelicals who run the town and not lose faith in true love.

With the good and the bad and the whole tangled mess all swirling around, Lance trudges forward, discovering that no matter what happens he can always go back out to the garage -- as long as it is with the right people.


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