Wednesday, February 13, 2013


While it is certainly a bit disappointing, with my inexperience as a writer in promoting my work and how I rushed and put  my entry together at the last minute, my book, Out in the Garage, will not be moving on to the second round in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest. 

As I have said before, I am not crushed by it -- it means that I need to work on writing a better pitch (which is what this round was a judgment of, not of my book).  In fact, it allows me to polish my work more, and pursue publishing on my own terms, instead of having to wait until the contest ends.

I am confident that, with the advice I will get back from my trusted readers, I will be able to continue working towards getting my novel published, whether through traditional publishing or on my own, or any option that might exist between those two (I am open to all possibilities at this point). 

This is only the beginning, and, if I get dejected at every rejection and fail to move forward, then nothing will ever come of all of my efforts.  Every author gets rejected.  The ones who are successful learn from the rejections and continue moving forward, which is what I resolve to do.

I will continue working on my school work, and, when time permits, and, as I get feedback from my readers, I will continue working towards getting it and my stories published...  No matter what I will continue writing and pursuing publishing.  I am not unhappy or upset, but only more resolved to work towards my goals.

In some ways I am kind of relieved.  While Amazon is certainly one of the biggest publishers, many bookstores, if not most, will not carry the books they publish.  More or less, I would be limited to selling my book, published by Amazon, through Amazon. 

While that is not necessarily a bad thing, it is not ideal, either.  I would honestly prefer a smaller, independent (or independent-minded, anyways) publisher, so I can focus more on selling my book through all the various bookstores, in addition to online, instead of exlusively through Amazon.

In addition, I have a strong inclination to publish it on my own.  I am undecided about this as of yet, but I don't feel compelled to make a final decision, at this point.  I am merely considering my options, trying new opportunities when they become available, and continuing to work towards my goal.

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