Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some Rambling (Because I Finished the Homework I Brought)

While I am not really able to decide because I have only gotten feedback from one of my five readers and therefore cannot say for certain how much or little I need to change.  I am hopefully that there will be a consensus of what I need to work on to come up with a definitive, final version of the text.  I am thinking that the language needs some work -- particularly since there are some obvious typos.

They all have two slightly different last chapters to consider between, although, even though the changes are minimal, they make a major difference in the conclusion of the story.  I can't say more, but I am guess that the changes I made will be preferred.  Perhaps there are some other minor differences I can make. 

As of right now, unless my readers point out something that it is absolutely lacking, I have no intention of writing more and adding to it.  I would rather work with what I've got and whittle it away into a final product.  Of course, all of this could change, but, my goal is to move forward. 

I feel like I have been stuck on the same themes and the same stories forever, and I have.  I have some new ideas I want to work on, I want to progress as a writer and take what I am learning right now and grow and write bigger and better and more ambitious novels.  Also, I want to focus on grad school and getting the most out of it.  In order for me to keep moving, though, I need to come out with a definitive final version of this first book (and the stories that, while aren't directly related, definitely share similar themes). 

I don't know what is going to happen with it, but I do have a plan and steps to follow and research and marketing to do -- all in good time.  Probably not until the summer, since during this semester with everything I have to do, I am probably not going to get an opportunity.

School, including my classes, my tutoring job, etc, is going well.  Hopefully will have some news to report soon.  Until then, I will continue working and progressing as far as I can towards my goals and hopefully everything will work out how I plan.  If not, I will have at least learned a lot.

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