Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Goal:

I am going to finish my book by January 14 so I can enter it into the Amazon contest.

What the Hell, right?

 In the past I have thought of doing this but this is the first time I have actually been close enough where it is entirely feasible to enter it.

 If I am able to enter it (there is a limit to the number of entries), I will have a 1/10,000 chance to win.  Not great odds, but better than my current odds and definitely better than my odds if I never enter it or try to get it published another way.

If I lose, I can always change it and shop it around or publish it on my own or whatever.

However, if I become a finalist, I win money and some level of notoriety, which will still help me.  If I win one of the prizes, even if it's not the grand prize...  Well, that would be pretty extraordinary.

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