Sunday, January 8, 2012

The ride home

The Devotchka hit us, put us in the the right mood.  Back, back to the Ohio countryside.  Small bankrupt towns sprinkled out over dead winter farmland and wooded stretches half naked with the evergreen scruff like body hair amongst the barren deciduous trees.  I stare out the window as the scenery rolls by, but I see none of it.  I am lost in thoughts.  Plans for the future, collectively, my plan of action.  My life's goal.  It seems so close, but yet it is still beyond the class.  In order to get it I am going to have to get in and stare back at the where I am from and try to make sense of it all.  Then I will be free to improve upon it, in some small way.  It has worked for me so far, why change now.  The only change I have to make is within myself, but the mystery behind that change is the greatest mystery of all.  Life.

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