Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's Happening?!

It's about high time I posted something since my last post was in... October. Whoops. Well, there goes my marketing plan. Just kidding, I don't really have one of those. I know I probably should but I don't really care. I just want to make my art, write my writings, do my thing.

On that subject, March 1 starts my Akron Soul Train Fellowship, where I will spend a very busy month creating an original work of art, which I can loosely describe at this point as a poetry/blackout poetry/flash fiction chapbook. I also have an interest in collage art and screen printing so there will likely be elements of that involved too. I hope to find a tasteful way to combine all of these elements but I guess we'll see.

As for the topic that will be the focus of my writing, I don't really have that either. I am going to see where my inspiration will take me, but if you are familiar with what I do, it will probably be a combination of existential angst, political rants, dark humor and general weirdness/absurdity. If that sounds interesting to you, there will be a couple of opportunities for you to get a firsthand account of what this will be all about.

On March 2, I will be kicking this whole thing off right with a party, which I thought would fun to make a Happening. If you are not familiar with what a happening is, well, time to do some reading. Or you could just watch/listen to this lecture by Happening Artist Allan Kaprow:

If this sounds like something you'd being interested in  and  you live in the Akron area, I would love to you see you there:

If this isn't really something you'd likely do, but you are into poetry, hate right-wing propaganda and have always wanted to tear apart some books and scribble in the pages, I am having a Blackout Poetry workshop on March 10. It does cost $15.00 but materials are provided and it's at a coffee shop so you can get your caffeine fix while you stick it to the man! If that sounds like fun, please check out the facebook invite for more information, and be sure to get your tickets on Eventbrite:

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