Saturday, August 13, 2016


Holy shit, it's the middle of August! It seems like, more and more, time rushes by so quickly it makes my head spin. The month of July just flew by, and I can't hardly believe that it's over already. Really, this whole summer has gone by in the blink of an eye.

While I am no longer in school, I still get a residual of that nervous tension that I used to feel before going back after a long summer of activities. Maybe it's just because I love the warm weather and being outside--although, the fall is nice for that too. Since I don't go back to school now (thank God), I guess my life, overall, won't change that dramatically. The routines will be the same, even though the weather will be different (will it?).

It seems like just yesterday that I was ten years younger and even more lost than I am now. Not that I particularly want to go back to that time period in my life, but it makes me think about how insanely quickly time passes, and if you don't live and enjoy your life while you are living it, then you will completely miss out on everything that makes life worthwhile.

One thing that I have tried to do this summer is take a lot of pictures. While I don't generally take many of the activities that I do (for some reason), I have captured some beautiful shots, and I thought I would share some of the best ones with you all (who don't follow me on Instagram or Tumblr).

Malabar Farm State Park.
Malabar Farm State Park.
Springmill Drive-In, Mansfield, Ohio.
Ruggles Township.
Just outside of Greenwich, Ohio.

Ohio is a beautiful state with a lot of nice features. One thing that I really enjoy doing is taking a nice slow drive through the countryside on a sunny Sunday afternoon, which is what I was doing when I took the latter two pictures in this set. The first two (from inside the cave), I took during a hike with some good friends, and the drive-in picture was taken during the first intermission of a triple feature (with the same friends, actually).

When I was younger, I would take this area for granted, but I appreciate more and more, the older that I get.

Having a phone that takes great pictures (and enables me to edit them, on the spot, basically) is one thing that I will not take for granted. I love using my 35mm camera, but it is a bit more complicated, and I can't afford a nice digital SLR, which I would love to get (someday, Gabe, someday...). Anyways, this works out pretty well.

My goal (or one of my goals, rather) is to continue to capture more pictures (including of the activities that I do), and especially of Akron, which is a beautiful city, and I live in a particularly nice section of it. Sounds like a good end of summer/beginning of fall project!

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