Friday, July 11, 2014


Distractions are great, but 
our problems are greater.
We attempt to escape from 
them, but they are right 
around the corner, always 
on our scent, on our trail, 
just waiting for an  opportunity 
to pounce on us and 
bring us down, begging.

We attempt to make ourselves 
oblivious. We care about things 
just so they will mentally lift us 
out of harm's way--even though 
it is only in our minds and our 
problems are still ever present, 
haunting us, giving us that
 tightening in our chests. 

We are out of breath, lost in 
romances of endless races 
and places that are as they 
seem on the surface.

Maybe if we follow far enough
 into these fantasies we will 
finally escape, but we haven't yet. 
Maybe we just have to keep 
trying, to keep pushing,  to keep 
moving forward, but it is all more 
in our heads that we realize.

Society, culture, religion... It is all 
there to fill our time while we are 
on this dusty rock--whatever 
it is, whoever we are.

Maybe these things aren't 
distractions, after all. 

Maybe they are lenses 
from which we view the world, 
and no one is any more 
right or wrong than any other. 

For as much as we are 
sure of, we are unsure. 

For as much as we 
know, we don't know. 

Can it ever be 
other than that?

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