Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Self-Administered Pep Talks Do Work

Here is the my "production" schedule for Out in the Garage between now and July 4:

This Week:
  1. Do some light editing/proofreading of the manuscript and make sure I am happy with it
  2. Update downloadable sample to reflect any changes
  3. Finish uploading files to Create Space and order a proof
  1. Proofread it for typos when I get it
  2. Update the manuscript with any (minimal) changes that I have to make
  3. Upload the updated manuscript (If there aren't many typos, there will be no need for another proof; if there are a lot of typos, I will order another proof and go through it again, just to be safe, and go through the final proofreading process again.)
  4. Format the eBook version
  5. Upload eBook version to Smashwords, Kindle Direct Publishing, etc.
  6. Release for Sale, July 4, 2014
In other news, in my Digital Humanities class, I am doing my paper on digital publishing.  I need to do some research and hone the topic down into something that I can write about in 16-20 pages, but, obviously, it is something that really piques my interest, and hopefully I can apply what I learn to this "project" (i.e. this obsession, compulsion, delusion, hobby, dream).

Anyways, I thought some of you might be curious/interested to see my game plan to get this novel finished and out to the public, finally.  Well, finally, again.  But this is finally, finally (finally!).  No matter what happens, I am going to move on, and apply what I learn to the next project.  I will say that this version is, in my opinion, anyway, by far the best I have ever done, and I feel like I can be happy with all of my choices, no matter what.  I know I keep saying it, but I can't emphasize it enough.  This is it.

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