Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Long and Winding Ramble

One idea that keeps floating across my nerve center and making it's way to the conscious part of my mind has to do with experimenting as much as possible until I figure out what works for me as a writer and a publisher.  

The common sense of the status quo suggests that I should only publish one version of my book, because if I were to publish more than one version it would come across as indecisive and insecure. However, the mere fact that I consider these things out loud to the world makes it sort of impossible for me to go with what is the right-now accepted correct way: I am already working against doing things "properly."

Then again, I am really just doing it as a hobby and not for a living and that should allow me more leeway since I am not financially dependent on it.  When it comes down to it, really, I can fucking do what I want, how I want.  

I just have to get creative, and, I do believe I can venture to say that I have a large capacity for creativity and the experience of working with no budget.  That's just how I have had to live my life out of necessity.  I do believe this blog should be my primary thing, as it is something people can read regularly, for free.  

The books will be there, and if I can sufficiently impress people with my writing on this blog, people might be more inclined to purchase my books.  Therefore, I have write on this as regularly as possible.

When it comes to my next novel, I need to brainstorm it thoroughly from beginning to end and then limit myself to like two or three drafts, copyediting, and proofreading.  Any more than that and I will  start to over-think it and bastardize the original idea.  It too easily becomes something else. The best thing to do is to finish it, polish it, and then move on to the next one.  I spent far too much time on my first novel.

Although, I realize, spending too much time can also have it's benefits, especially if you are willing to break free of any artificial restraints and go against the current.  Since I have already done it with this one, why not experiment?

Once you are free, you are more willing to try things out and see what happens.  This is why I am going to also publish two other versions of my first novel.  Each version is distinct and I am not sure which is truly better.  

Maybe that does make me indecisive, but isn't that just a part of who I am?  Isn't it better to admit that and try to turn it into a good thing?  At least try and use it to my advantage and see what happens?

Do I have any reason to assume that any other way that I could do things is the way that I should do things and ultimately get more people interested in my writing?  Why not try out a variety of ideas and see what works?  

In my case, I believe the positives of publishing all three outweigh the negatives.  Hopefully, it will help me see what direction to take with the next project.

For now, I will watch The Twilight Zone, grade papers, finish Breakfast of Champions and watch SNL when it comes on.  There will likely be some music squeezed in there at some point, too.  As it is Saturday, it will likely be something along the lines of the J. Geils Band or Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.  Then again, maybe it's more of a Beatles kind of night.

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