Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Poem:


Never be complacent.
It’s that unspoken sort of knowledge
that our parents passed down to us
through the horror flashing in their eyes
as they tried to make ends meet.
But it’s like trying to make a circle
from infinity to infinity
and trying to keep reliving it.
There are two ends:
one that you are always traveling towards,
and another that you
are always traveling away from.

You can never go back, because
it’s all exploding behind you.
 If you don’t keep moving forward,
it will engulf you.  Your matter
will be sapped back
into the universe
until it is regurgitated…

Maybe we really do live forever.

We can all be kings and queens.
We are all swimming
through the same vast ocean of universe.
We are all traveling through space
and reliant on light.  We all breathe air and
require water and sustenance
from other living things.
We are all part of an ecosystem,
whether natural, or artificial.

We can all be the kings and queens.
We can be whoever
we define ourselves to be.
We make it all up.
Our minds are trampling us
under the immense weight
of our self-consciousness.

We are so smart that we scare ourselves,
and we cannot grasp that we can
progress if we put our minds to it, and carry
on only the best ideas, and try to repair
everything that’s broken, or keep trying,
because it is an impossible task.

But that is what should humble us.
It is difficult
but we can keep wanting it.  We should
always keep wanting it.

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