Sunday, February 23, 2014

This is What the Music Does to Me

Increasingly, as time goes by, I get referred, by people in the general public, including by both people who know me well and by people who barely know me, as a hipster.  After having meditated on it a long time, I still can't understand why everyone feels the need to label everything and everyone.  We are all human beings, and we don't need to be branded, homogenized within a category as a part of a system that is set up to sell us the material shit that we don't truly need, those shiny things that so easily distract us and make us forget about how truly shitty everyone treats everyone else and everything.  It's all just so absurd.

That is why I choose to live the way that I do, because after a certain point, you just have to accept the things that you cannot control and you just let go, and be at peace.  I am at peace with the things that I cannot change, because I have no more control over the external world than anyone else does.  Letting go of what doesn't matter is an essential aspect of growing up and moving on and just getting in sync with the rhythms of life.  It is the only way one can be truly honest with oneself.  By surrendering.

Not to the abyss, but to the light.  To swimming with the current and seeing where it takes you while you just enjoy the ride with those who are around you, good times with good people.  Reminiscing about the bygone era when you were faithful to the supreme restlessness of youth, the anarchy of mind and spirit when you thought you were in control but really you were just being selfish.

Maybe we should all be politicians and show our impostors how they need to grow up and be responsible for the mistakes that they have made.  That is a thought, but really I am just as much a part of the problem as anyone ever was, and there is really no solution because, well, that's just how life is.  We are a bunch of inflated donkey dicks in a circle jerk parade.  We all go around with mirrors on our foreheads so we can watch ourselves jack-off from each others' perspective.

But what we don't realize is that, as out of control as it seems, we put ourselves in this position because we start to take ourselves and our ideals too seriously.  What we need right now is to give into our shame and start to move forward and just wear it.

I myself would rather be happy.  In that way, shame can be my blanket, and at least I can rest comfortably at night.  It is the best thing on earth when you can fool yourself into a peaceful state of mind, for at least a little while, before you have kids and that's when you have to be selfless.  If that's what shame can bring me, I will build a fort with it.  God bless America!

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