Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lab Rats in a Laissez Faire Labyrinth

Look around, and see that we are lab rats, running around our maze, constantly being probed and prodded by faceless institutions and corporations to act and react and lead each other into a more confused state---and there is no end to the maze, it only leads in circles.  

Archaeologists and anthropologists from some future civilization are going to unearth our ruins and our ruined remains---just like we have done to those that came before us---and try to figure out what happened.  They  will see how we butchered each other trying to get out of the labyrinth while those others watched from their lofty peaks, writing and rewriting history to clean themselves of responsibility for anything.

We are all distracted by the digitized reflections of our Ids, and we buy into the propaganda and dumb down our values to this black and white opaque transparency.  We are being controlled, manipulated, while just 10% of the world's people control over 80% of the world's wealth, and there is nothing we can do or will do because we are too distracted.  We let our lives get worse, and we only continue to work towards someone else's advantage, and we just accept it as the status quo.

Dystopia is Utopia: war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.  We are trapped in a laissez faire version of the Orwellian nightmare---unless we act and clear away all the nonsense, and work together to figure out real solutions to the problems that plague us.  The solutions are not going to come from the corporations, the politicians, the wealthy elite, it's going to come from the every day, ordinary people, who see more and know better and realize what is happening.  

There are more of us than we can imagine who still actually hold those truths to be self evident.  It's going to take more than a ball of string to get us out of our labyrinth, but, if we work together, we might yet find a way.

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