Sunday, September 8, 2013

Product Placement.

More often than not, if I am home, and I am more often than not, then more often than not I am in my office.  If I am more often than not home and in my office then I am usually blasting music, whether it's from my own vast collection, or I am checking out new stuff on either Spotify or Soundcloud, or watching Youtube, or listening to my own recordings and measuring them up, or playing guitar to get better, to relieve stress, and compose more songs.

Currently, I am listening to Spotify, and I am finding some good stuff on here, but I am not completely sold on what I am currently listen to, Givers, "Noche Nada".  It's on Avett Brothers radio, and, to be honest, I am not completely sold on it, either.  I am just curmudgeonly like that, though.  I do like plenty of other new music like No Age, and Cold War Kids just came on and I am liking it.  Still, nothing beats revisiting the classics, which lately has consisted of a lot of the Replacements, more and more often.

Although, when I am reading, it is almost always techno or classical.  And with that, I shall leave you, better, but only if you have clicked on that last link.

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