Saturday, September 14, 2013

Official Release Date Change for Out in the Garage / Re-release Date Set for Tales from the Fringes

While I certainly don't want to disappoint anyone, I am going to push back the release of my novel, Out in the Garage, to over Christmas Break, which will give me the time I will need to focus on school and also finish the novel and proofread it thoroughly.  This way I can network more and promote it more and use the re-release of my short story collection to build something of an audience.

It's important for me to do this right: my classwork, my class I'm teaching, and my thesis are all very important, and I need to build my C.V. and get some articles published and try to do another conference or two, if I can, if there are any that fit my area of growing expertise.  I do feel like I am doing a good job, and things are going really well, and I am learning a lot.  I really need to focus on doing everything I need to meet my next goals.  Anyways, it's important to keep my priorities in order and to give myself plenty of time to accomplish all of my goals.  '

Sometimes it's hard to be patient, but I am confident in the direction I am going, both with my career and my creative writing pursuits.  I am not worried about changing my mind about the direction I am going with Out in the Garage, and I am actually almost done with the rewrite (only thirty more pages, which is about one-eighth left to do).  Then I will spend plenty of time proofreading for typos and any little grammatical things I might need to tweak for clarity.  If there is anything Tales from the Fringes has taught me, it is that I can never be too thorough.

The Official Release Date of Out in the Garage is set to be Tuesday, January 14 (which, I believe, would be my Grandpa's 75th birthday).  Tales from the Fringes will be re-released on Friday, October 18.

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