Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bad Gabe, BAD!!! Okay...

I have been neglectful (<-- according to Android I just made up that word) about this blog lately and I apologize to anyone who cares.  I have more things going than I have time to do.  I guess that's what it is like being ambitious.

Seriously, though, if I can get my writing career going and also get into grad school, then I will have more time to work on my writing projects.  I would love to be able to focus full time as a writer, and I feel teaching is an extension of that.  That's why I need to be back in school.  Well, that and it is a more guaranteed way of earning an income.

Still, though, I can dream about being a professional writer and work towards setting myself up for such.  Maybe I will not be successful, but at least I will be able to say tried.

Plus, I have been working on my book, and, the closer to being done, the more excited I get about it.  I have come up with a killer name and re-worked the chapters so there are fewer and they fall in natural breaks in the story.  I'm also changing the names to the final names, developing the characters entirely, sewing together the threads that build the many layers of ideas, and editing out unnecessary parts/characters to make it more tightly focused.  It's a process.  Once I am happy with the story then I will focus on the words:  I will line edit thoroughly.

Well, that's about all.  Also, wish me luck on the GRE.


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