Sunday, April 29, 2018

Birth of a Salesman

My minds eye is always looking towards the future, towards the next project, towards how the projects I am working on now will shape that future and how I can better reach my goals and still retain my humanity.

I think that's why I usually end up jumping from one project to the next, and indeed, I have come far as a writer and a publisher, but maybe I am being too hasty when I just move on to the next thing. Maybe I actually need to stick with a project after I have completed the creative side of things and really dig down and try to get people interested in it.

That being said, I've never wanted to be a salesman so there is a balance that I have to maintain, but there is not reason why I can't take some time to put my book out there and get people reading it. I see no reason why I can't treat what I do like local musicians treat their music and build an audience.

That's one of the benefits of living somewhere like Akron. There's plenty of opportunities for me to do readings and vend my wares on people at events where people come to purchase such wares. There's a market for what I do and potential readers all around me. I just have to present what I've got to them and hope that it strikes their fancy.

While I am definitely planning and preparing for my next move, I am not in a hurry to dive down and pour all my focus in the next pot. I am pretty proud of how Idiot Parade turned out, and I can't wait to get it out there. It's worth spending more time on and building an audience around.

In other words, expect to see my shining face around town this summer.

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