Saturday, February 11, 2017

My New Direction: The Bookish Rocker

Sitting in my recently cleaned and organized office, the chaos of thoughts blowing and tumbling through my brain as I look out the window at my backyard and try to figure out what to write. I close my eyes, my breathing measured as I take in the light that peeks through the blanket of clouds resting over this winter-kissed Akron morning, and I realize that it's been too long since the last time I meditated.

Sonic Youth's "Teenage Riot" comes over my Spotify and I decide that it would be better if I put on the album, and search for the CD. I can't remember if it is in the pile of plastic squares sitting in a stack next to desk, or on my shelf. I used to really pride myself on this collection, and it is pretty expansive and diverse. Overall, though, the music that I own in all the various forms could always be more expansive and more diverse. My record collection is still a baby, and needs more time and care; my folder of MP3s contains all the best from my CD collection plus all the stuff that I have bought on Amazon over the years. In my car is my iPod, which has all the music that I have bought from iTunes and copied from library collections, and I realize that I need to copy everything from it onto my computer before my Nano finally bites the dust. It is on its deathbed for sure. I can no longer listen to it unless less plugged into something (like my car). That is why I am determined to put more music on my phone so I have more options when I am at work.

My mind switches directions with precision, and I open  Dottie's case and stare down at her sunburst smile and it makes me smile. On the other side of the room sits my bass and my new Mexican Strat, which I realize I have had for two weeks and I have yet to name it. Sacrilege! I must remedy this at once!

If I had another guitar amp, a drum set and a small, powered monitor, I could easily get a jam going here. Hell, that would just be the ideal scenario--including the organ, I could really get a good jam going with what I've got. That being said...

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