Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Not letting "the man" get me down, or stupid corporate policies, anyways

The moral of this story is that in spite of what you know or may not know it is important to play along --- at least while you try to subversively make your moves, which is about the only way one can overcome something as large and monstrous as a corporation.  It's not like David and Goliath at all.  It's more like the Greeks vs. the Trojans, only the Greeks are just me and the Trojans are way bigger, better organized, and probably smarter too.  And here I am, sitting inside my Trojan horse, type, type, typing away...  It's a war of words (which is the only ammunition I have to work with) against ever-changing, idiotic corporate policies.  And yet, you say, "Gabe, you are still using their products."  To which, I reply, yes, but that is mostly because I am lazy and/or patient and am waiting to make my move.  Remember, this is my Trojan Horse.  While I might be one fly on the face of the universe, I am using up their servers, one bite at a time, to speak out against them.  While I don't have a large audience, it is open to all of cyberspace, at least as much as anybody else's blogs are open to anyone.  Which means that I need to upload a shit ton of pictures and videos and start as many blogs as I possibly can and fill them up with nonsense.  Throw it all at the wall and whether it sticks or not I am at least making a puddle on the ground in front of the wall, which can be pretty unsightly if I try hard enough.  While it won't be enough to even make a small dent in their capacities or slow them in the least, it is a symbolic gesture, which might do more to illustrate the futility of trying to do anything, but to me it is akin to spraying graffiti all over the walls of their corporate headquarters.  Maybe it is futile, but that is also part of the point.  Why do corporations have the right to take advantage of individuals, which they do, every day, without even blinking, without even thinking about it?  It just happens as a part of their everyday business practices.  I mean, making money is the most important thing in the world.  The act of making money trumps everything, particularly if you already have money, or you come from money, then making money is the only thing there is or ever was, but, hopefully, not the only thing there ever will be.  Hopefully, one day, we will that these sorts of people and the corporations that protect them don't have our best interests in mind, and we will collectively stop taking their bullshit.  Until then, my spray paint can is cocked and loaded and ready to go.  Suck it, Google.

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