Friday, June 1, 2012

holy crap I'm not dead

It has been a long time since I have posted anything.  I guess I am busy.  Well, not really.  I have just been lazy in my free time.  Not too much in my life has changed...  Except for one major thing:  I am officially going to Akron.  I didn't get a TA position, but I applied too late so it is my fault.  It's okay, I will apply again every semester until I get one or I graduate.  I am just excited to be a Zip and to be studying composition.

I am trying to finish my book and all the short stories I have written over the past couple of years.  I have been slacking in this area, but sometimes I think I will never be satisfied with them.  I have to be closing in on 20 drafts of my book, and at least three or four drafts of each of my stories.  I have plenty of ideas to work on once I get these finished -- I just don't want to move on until I am satisfied because I know if I don't finish them  now I never will.  I am also trying to read as much as possible, and I just don't have enough time in one day to work, pay attention to my wife, and work on all of my side gigs.  Plus I get easily distracted by guitar playing and partying.  The guitar playing is a healthy release -- it's a great stress reliever -- but the partying I am trying to minimize.  I am just getting too old for that sort of thing, and I feel like it is too much of a distraction.  I just need to buckle down and get shit done.  That's my primary goal for the summer.  To get this shit done: book, stories, poems, blog.

I will continue trying to develop this blog, see where I want to take it -- how I want to focus it.  I am not sure.  Maybe I will continue posting a random assortment of journal entries, stories, ramblings, poetry, prose, pictures, etc.  That's probably what will happen. I change my mind far too often to make a decision of that magnitude.

Until next time.

Peace, Bitches.

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